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BEAUTY COMMUNITY celebrates the opening of BEAUTY BUFFET Stand Alone for the first time at Ari

<h2><strong>BEAUTY COMMUNITY celebrates the opening of BEAUTY BUFFET </strong><strong>Stand Alone for the first time at Ari</strong></h2>
On August 8, 65 – BEAUTY hits the hip area, reveals the first Stand Alone model of BEAUTY BUFFET, outstanding at Ari area, a Store of cosmetic and skincare products such as GINO McCRAY, BEAUTY COTTAGE, MADE IN NATURE, THE BAKERY, SCENTIO, LANSLEY, BEAUTY IDOL, MIRACLE PERFECT and THE BAKERY. A new style with designs and decorations in old rose tones with Solution &amp; Function layout to meet the needs of complete care from head to toe. Including GINO McCRAY Makeup Station for professional product testing. Special treatment rooms with a premium facial massage course in a relaxed and private atmosphere.
Dr. Peerapong Kitiveshpokawat, Chief Executive Officer and Ms. Piyavadee Chutaprachakul, Director of Operations (Retail Business), Beauty Community Public Company Limited, joined the opening ceremony.
Experience the pleasure of shopping at BEAUTY BUFFET in a new way at Ari branch.
Open daily from 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

BEAUTY prepares to create beauty phenomenon through its biggest rebranding in 15 years

BEAUTY majorly refreshes its brand in 15 years through new concept of “For Every Beauty” to create complete beauty experience while continuing BEAUTY BUFFET store makeover to deliver beauty professionalism and to attract new gen and to reach wider customer base.

Dr. Peerapong Kitiveshpokawat, CEO of Beauty Community Public Company Limited (BEAUTY), a leading cosmetics and skincare retailer with the concept of Live A Beautiful Life, said the Company’s biggest rebranding in 15 years would be performed in 2H of this year under the more explicit concept of “For Every Beauty”.

The crucial change of BEAUTY BUFFET will create vividness, friendliness, and professionalism of complete beauty to all groups of consumers. The focus is on creating new experience through marketing channels and variety of new patterns of distribution channels which are fun while maintaining the creditability of quality of all products types.

The brand’s “For Every Beauty” phenomenon, purposedly provided to the customers to receive concrete experience, consists of 4 aspects:

  • Store format New Shop Design – This aspects offers modernity signifying professional product while providing complete beauty advice to penetrate to broader customer groups. The store makeover will be astonishingly outstanding through interesting and beautiful decorations with variety of products and friendly services. The stores still maintain their Multi Brand service of which each brand is enhanced, well-selected, identified, priced, and positioned in different marketing areas in order to cover and response to diversified customer groups of each brand such as GINO McCRAY, THE BAKERY, SCENTIO, LANSLEY, BEAUTY IDOL, etc. The new design has already made its debuts at stores of 3 department stores: Central Pinklao, Central Rayong, and Ayutthaya Park, and there will be revamps at another 3 stores within the second half of this year, and all 50 stores will be completed their revamps in 2023.
  • Merchandise – The shop layout is in the form of solution & function to serve the customers’ needs of head-to-toe care with an additional enhancement of Makeup Station to boost up GINO McCRAY makeup line.
  • Services design – Sales persons’ strategy is improved for product presentation to reach customers’ needs and to provide answers to all beauty questions. In addition, customers can make a call for product ordering at all stores while receiving fast and direct product delivery. All staff uniforms are more stylished. The beauty chef logo is replaced by a younger and more modern chef while the store slogan is changed to “For Every Beauty”.
  • BEAUTY BUFFET brand communication – The brand awareness of BEAUTY BUFFET in this year will be recognized through 3 product heros with collaboration of product presenters. There are 2 products launched, namely, 1. “SCENTIO Amino Acid Milk Facial Foam” with the slogan “Bright and Smooth Face”. The product is a collab with 5 popular teens LAZ-1 to be the presenter, a representative of the new gen who take care of their skin; 2. Product group of Beauty Buffet Shower Serum-Body Essence with a collaboration of ‘Kru Toey’ Apiwat Boonanek #KruLorBokTorDeuy #HotIndieSinger100MView to be the product’s presenter as a representative of the new gen who take care of their skin, encouraging them to experience cleansed, bright, soft, and norished skin; Lastly, makeup line products under the brand GINO McCray will be launched within the third quarter of this year, namely compact powder, lipstick, and eyebrow pencil of which the brand ambassador will be soon released.

“The biggest rebanding receives well response and can penetrate to wider groups of customers, leading to a significant increase of the sales volume from the revamped stores. It is expected that in the second half of this year the sales volume will be gradually recovered due to a fun and intensed marketing communication”, said Dr. Peerapong.

BEAUTY sees prospect to turnaround with revenue growth of 65% this year Supported by fully adjusted strategy and “Refresh Branding” for market penetration

BEAUTY sees prospect to turnaround this year with the revenue growth of 65% and the net profit maintaining at 10%. The growth is achieved through 3 biggest business driven strategies: “Re Model / Refresh Branding / Re Structuring” in order to penetrate local and oversea mass markets. Reinforced by two new executives, the Company prepares to enter new effective distribution channels to gain access to mass market, focusing on Beauty & Wellness products. 

Dr. Peerapong Kitiveshpokawat, CEO of Beauty Community Public Company Limited (BEAUTY), the company engaged in the retail sale of cosmetic and skincare products under the concept of “Live a Beautiful Life” revealed that the Company’s targets in this year would focus on the turnaround for profit and strong financial status and cashflow with the expected revenue growth of no less than 65% or at approximately 680 million baht while maintaining the net profit of no less than 10%. The revenue ratio as categorized by distribution channels consists of 37% from oversea, 27% from retail, 24% from trading, and 12% from E-Commerce.

The Company’s strategy aims to improve business operation by focusing on sustainable growth and business development for the strong turnaround within 3 years. To start, in this year, the 3 main strategies are: 1. Re Model; 2. Refresh Branding; and 3. Re Strcuturing.    

Re Model strategy will add more distribution channels from the main channels of BEAUTY BUFFET shop while fully introducing new products to the mass market through the 13 representatives across the country. The distribution point will be enhanced to General Trade through the model of which the products are either available in stores or Store in Store model, covering a total area of 8,600 stores across the country. In addition, the products are also distributed to 6,000 Modern Trade stores while adding new products to existing distribution points. On the other hand, there will be a big remodelling of BEAUTY BUFFET SHOP to be more modern and professional in terms of products with complete bueaty advice for all customer groups with no gender and age barriers. So far, the Company has gradually remodelled 3 shops and expects to complete remodelling 50 shops across Thailand within Q2/2022.  

The E-Commerce distribution channel will focus more on product presentation to the consumers, development of efficient product management system, and increasing more platforms for product access to the Company’s website, leading Market Places, and potential Social Media to respond to the customers’ demand for entering all channels, easy purchase, and accurate and fast product delivery. 

The Company’s oversea market channels cover 13 countires (China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, Brunei,Phillippines, India, and Japan). In this year, the Company focuses on distributing products to several regions of each country while having marketing activities for products to be widely recognized through more collaborations with sale representatives. On the other hand, the Product License model in China, the main market of BEAUTY, consisting of 12 items of skincare and cosmetic products produced and distributed by representatives, is expected to grow to a great extent due to the fast production, less process and cost caused by import-export, and meeting the needs of customer group. The Company has a plan to increase the number of licensed reprentatives and product items.     

“Apart from the improvement of the distribution model, the product variety of the BEAUTY & WELLNESS group and the good consumers’ well response, another crucial change in this year is the Refresh Branding of  BEAUTY BUFFET to be more modern and entertaining which help the Company to penetrate to all groups of consumers’ needs. From now on, the Company’s marketing will communicate with Refresh Branding through complete O2O strategy and different presenters”, said Dr. Peerapong. 

In addition, BEAUTY’s Re Structuring strategy will reduce the corporate size to be appropriate with the business operation and changing economic situation, leading to the continuous decrease of the cost of production, sales, and management while the sale volume is gradually increased. 

The Company is reinforced with the 2 new executives who are expertise in retial business and sale representative management. They will help develop new business model for further market expansion.