Beauty Community Public Company Limited

Beauty Community Public Company Limited (“Company” or “BEAUTY”), or formerly Monapolitant Co., Ltd. established on 19th October 2000 with its paid-up registered capital of 1,000,000 Baht, by the founders Dr.Suwin Kraibhubes and Mrs.Tanyapon Kraibhubes, is formed with purpose of performing retail selling and distributing cosmetics and skincare products. The aim is to propose selective and diverse beauty products with quality materials and good image and provide more beauty choices for consumers.

1998 – 1999

We open the first imported cosmetics and skincare retail store under the name “NEO” in Siam Square Center  and then expanded another retail store named “MONA” in MBK center

19 October 2000

We formed Monapolitant Co., Ltd. (Company’s former name) with registered capital of 1,000,000 baht to perform a retail selling of cosmetics and skincare products of Thailand and other countries under the name “MONA” in 7 branches located in several commercial centers 


We renovated the shop and changed the store name to “COSMEDA” with different strategy; importing goods according to customers’ demand, manufacturing products in Thailand and some products in Korea.

3 March 2005

We increased the registered capital to 5,000,000 Baht divided into 50,000 shares, the value per share was100 baht, the capital was used for investment and cash flows. From the year 2004 to 2006, 20 branches (approx..) of “COSMEDA” have been open.

2006 – 2007

In December 2006, we developed the design of the store and changed its name to “BEAUTY BUFFET”. Under the concept of “Beauty Buffet”, we focused on making an easy access for customers, and invited the customer to test the product, sold the comprehensive range of products with reasonable price, just like when the customer enters into buffet restaurant. With the slogan “The most delicious beauty shop in town”. The first branch was open in Central department stores, Wongsawang branch.


We open new style of retail stores under the name “Beauty Cottage” providing natural and organic products with the shop decoration in vintage style. The first branch was open in Central Plaza (Ladprao) under its slogan “Natural Crafted Beauty” which means the beauty created by the nature.

23 December 2011

The company increased the register capital to 55,000,000 baht divided into 550,000 shares, the value per share was 100 baht, to buy a land for building company headquarter and increased the resources of cash flow for business operation.


 In January 2012, the company made the distributorship contract of Beauty Buffet with a distributor who had the right to sell products of beauty buffet in Cambodia in accordance with company standard. The first beauty buffet was open in Cambodia in February 2012. 

In April 2012, the company launched new product “MADE IN NATURE” — an organic skincare product brand under the slogan “Live a Natural Life” sold in large retail stores or modern trade.

31 July 2012

The company changed its juristic type to be public limited company and changed the name to be Beauty community Public Company Limited, lowered the value per the share from 100 baht to 1 baht and increased the registered capital to 300,000,000 baht. With regular shares, the company was listed in stock exchange of Thailand. 

12 December 2012

First day trade in SET

July 2013

The company opened Beauty Market in Large Multi-brands with the mixed concept of buying many products in supermarket in convenient store and the excitement of buying cosmetics products. We are beauty specialty store aiming to provide beauty product exclusively under the slogan “The Super Market of Beauty”. The first branch was open in Seacon square Srinakarin branch.

November 2013

We launched the new products under the brand named Girly Girl which was the “fighting brand” in the market of skincare and cosmetics products for teenagers. With the concept “White & Baby”, the packaging design was more modern and the size of product was smaller, also the price was lower. The products were placed in convenient stores, catalogues and available in traditional trade.

May 2014

Groundbreaking ceremony of warehouse and training center at Soi Nuanchan 34 on the land size 3-0-15 rai to support the growth of the business in the future. 

14 May 2015

The company changed the share value (stock split) from 1 baht to 0.10 baht per share. The total number of shares was 3,000,000,000.

Quarter 3/2558

We launched the website with our sophisticated development and intention to broaden the experience in cosmetics product shopping.

March 2016

The company has access to the company’s new offices, warehouses and training centers. (Beauty 2)

May 2017

Won the award of the Best Brand Performance 2017 on Instagram, and the second runner-up award of the Best Brand Performance 2017 in the cosmetic business group in Thailand Zocial Awards 2017.

November 2017

SET Awards 2017 Won the Outstanding CEO Award and the Outstanding Company Performance Award in “SET Awards 2017” arranged by the Stock Exchange of Thailand with Money & Banking Magazine.

October 2018

Won the award of “Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion” or Top Asian Companies that earn less than 1,000 billion dollars organized by Forbes Asia Magazine, and was recruited for the second consecutive year.

August 2019

Beauty Buffet opened the first “flagship store” and the new business model ” Multi-Brand   cosmetics shop” at MBK department store. was also launched to introduce a new top-brands shopping experience

November 2020

Launched the first Beauty Factory Outlet at the head office of Beauty Community PCL.

February 2022

The company from 300,933,500.00 baht to be 299,419,353.50 baht by cancelling the registered shares not purchased which are the ordinary shares for the total amount of 15,741,465 shares with par value of 0.10 baht per share which the end of ESOP Warrant-1.

March 2022

BEAUTY BUFFET changed a new logo “BEAUTY BUFFET For Every Beauty because beauty are you”

May 2022

New Head Office

Beauty Community Public Company Limited 50/1-3 Soi Nuanchan 34 nuanchan Road, Nuanchan Subdistrict, Buengkum District, Bangkok 10230 Telephone 02 9460700-6

August 2022

BEAUTY BUFFET opened the first Shop Stand Alone at Ari branch.
Opened the first GINO McCRAY store at Eveandboy, Mega Bangna branch.