The Company will treat all shareholders equally and fairly including shareholders who are director, non-director, foreign shareholders as well as minor shareholders with the following principles:

  • The Board of Directors will not raise an additional agenda without informing the Shareholders in advance if it is not necessary, especially an important agenda that requires the Shareholders time to study before making any decision.
  • The Company has set up a policy to prevent any unauthorized use of information by prohibiting agencies that were exposed to the information from revealing it to other agencies or non-related personals. In the event that any employee or director reveals the information or use it to benefit themselves or their accomplices, it will be considered a serious offense and will receive a disciplinary punishment.
  • In a shareholders’ meeting, the Board members and Chief Executive Officer will share information about their interests in each agenda in order for the Board of Directors to consider any transaction that may be in conflict with the interests. This will allow them to make decisions for the benefit of the Company as a whole. The Board members and the Board of Directors whose interests are in conflict with the Company’s will be revoked the right to vote in that agenda.

The Company respects the rights of every group of stakeholders and has created a policy which is important in treating all stakeholders as follows.

Shareholders: The Company is committed to dealing businesses with the knowledge and management skills as best as possible in all cases with the honesty and fairness to both major and minor shareholders for the best interest of shareholders as a whole. This includes disclosure of information on a regular basis with completeness and accuracy.

Employees : The Company will provide fair compensation to employees, maintain the working environment that is safe for life and property and give an emphasis on the development of employees’ potential thoroughly and consistently. It will also strictly comply with laws and regulations that are employee-related and avoid any action that is deemed unfair which may affect the career integrity of the employees as well as treat the employees with courtesy and listen to opinions and suggestions from all employee levels equally and fairly.

Clients: The Company is committed to create customers’ satisfaction and confidence, including take care and responsible for customers. Our customers will receive products and services with quality and standards at a reasonable price and comply with applicable standard. The Company will also comply with terms and condition of the agreement entered into by the Company and customer, along with developing higher standard of products and services continuously.

Partners and creditors: The Company will not practice corruption in dealing businesses with its partners and creditors and is committed to comply with conditions strictly prescribed with creditors, e.g. the purposes of payment, reimbursement, the regulations of the quality of collateral and any other agreements with creditors to achieve mutual benefits.

Competitors: The Company will conduct operations under the rules of good competition, will not seek competitors’ confidential information by dishonest or improper means, and will not damage the reputation of its alleged competitors without unfounded grounds.

Society: The Company will not take any action that may result in damage to society, natural resources, and environment. Instead, it seeks opportunities to support creative social activities and social responsibility among employees at all levels continuously and seriously as well as to control the practice strictly in accordance with the spirit of the law and regulations issued by regulatory agencies.

The Company recognizes the importance of disclosure of accurate, complete and timely information and meets the standards of the Stock Exchange of Thailand in terms of financial reports and general information as well as other important information affecting stock prices and the decision-making process of investors and stakeholders of the Company. Moreover, to provide all the relevant information equally, the Company releases the public information through the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the website at

The Board of Directors is responsibly aware of the significance of the accurate and reasonable financial report. The statement of the Company was prepared in accordance with the well-accepted accounting standard by the selection of appropriate accounting policies and accounting records which have enough accuracy to maintain the property. This is to identify the weaknesses in order to prevent fraud or irregularities of the material which is consistently implemented and to make sure that the key information is adequately disclosed in the notes to financial statements. Furthermore, the Board has appointed the Audit Committee to review financial reports, transactions and internal control system. The Audit Committee will report the audit results to the Board in every meeting. The Board of Directors, the Audit Committee and the Auditor’ reports are detailed in the annual report. As for the investor relations, the company has assigned the corporate communication departmentacts of dealing with shareholders, analysts and related parties.

 (5.1)  The Board of Directors’ structure

The Board of Directors consists of the directors who have knowledge, competency and experience in doing business which is beneficial for the Company. The Company's Board of Directors is appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders. It consists of 7 Directors, including 3 Independent Directors: three Audit Committees. At least one Audit Committee must have enough accounting knowledge to be able to audit and ensure the reliability of financial statements. The Company also regulates that at least one-third of the Board, but not fewer than 3 persons, is to be Independent Directors representing the minority of shareholders. They have to check and balance the Company’s administration of the affairs to provide the best, fairest and most accurate interests to the shareholders.

The Chairman of the Board must be the Independent Director and must not be the same person as the Chief Executive Officer to achieve the balance and the review of the management. To achieve this, the Company has clearly set the scopes of power, duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee and the Managing Director to prevent them from having unlimited managing and financial power.

 (5.2)  Sub-Committee

The Board of Directors has appointed the following sub-committee to assist in the Company’s operations:

  • 5 Executive Committees who help facilitate operations with the powers and duties assigned by the Board of Directors.
  • The Audit Committee has at least 3 persons to monitor and assist in overseeing the operations of the Company's scope of duties as assigned by the Board of Directors. 
  • 3 Nomination and Remuneration Committees who provide suggestion about remuneration of the Directors, appointment of the Board of Directors and sub-committee, nominate and propose the person whose qualification is suitable for being the Director; including follow up and operate human resource activities, e.g. evaluation for bonus and salary increment, etc.

(5.3)  Roles, Duties, and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for determining the policy, vision, strategy, goal, business plan and budget as well as oversees the effective and efficient administration and management to ensure compliance with agreed policies and strategies within the framework of the law, the Company’s objectives, regulations and resolutions of the shareholders’ meeting. The Board will perform its duties with full competency to create value-added for long-term business, and manage the Company’s business carefully and prudentially to avoid conflict of interests. The Board will manage operation according to the following guidelines.

  • The Company has written a procedure on the business code of conduct for the Board, the Audit Committee, and the working parties to use as a guideline. Its key issues are the discretion of the Company’s confidentiality, honest and law-abiding operations, respect of the legitimate rights of each other and caution of the resources, both internal and external environment. 
  • The Company’s policy on conflict of interest is based on a principle that all employees are required to act only in the best interest of the Company. Any actions or decisions must be free from influences of the needs of themselves, their family, relatives, siblings or other parties of their own acquaintances. 
  • The Company has an internal control system to give the investors’ confidence that the Company operates efficiently and increase the financial budget credibility. The Company has hired IA Signature Co. Ltd. who has its professional in internal control with experiences of internal audit for many listed companies., to be an internal auditor of the Company.

(5.4)  The Board of Directors’ Meeting

The Board of Directors has set to held at least one meeting every three months as well as other special meetings if necessary. A monthly report is also expected to be compiled and distributed among the Board of the Directors to help them direct, control and supervise the operation of the management section promptly and continuously. A meeting invitation has to be sent to the Board of Directors for consideration at least seven days before a meeting is held, except in urgent cases to protect the Company’s rights or profits. The Board of Directors can ask for any extra information from the secretary if needed.

(5.5)  Remuneration

The Company has its policy to provide the remuneration of the Board of Directors and Audit members at the level which can motivate them to maintain the desired qualities. The remuneration will be at the same level as that of other groups in the same industry, and is linked to the Company’s performance. The remuneration of the Board of Directors must be approved in the Shareholders’ Meeting.

The remuneration of the Managing Director and Chief Executive is set to match their responsibilities and authorities according to the rules and policies determined by the Board of Directors for the highest benefits of the Company. The level of remuneration, including salary, bonus and long-term incentive, is set in accordance with the performance of the Company and each Director.

 (5.6)  The Board of Directors and Executives’ development

The Board of Directors supports and provides training and workshops to all employees who are involved in the Corporate Governance system, such as the Directors, Audit Committees, and Executives, in order to continuously help improve their performance. Training and workshops may be arranged in the office or at other external institutes.

The Company has its policy and procedure which cover monitoring the Directors and senior management about their usage of inside information for their interests as follows;

  1. To provide knowledge for the Directors and other managements about their responsibilities to report  changes in securities holding of them, their spouse, and minor children to The Securities and Exchange Commission and Stock Exchange of Thailand. This complies with Section 59 and the announcement of The Securities and Exchange Commission No. SorChor. 12/2552 prescribed “Preparation and Disclosure of Report on Securities Holding of Director, Executive and Auditor”, and the penalty stated in Section 275 of the Securities and Exchange Act B.E. 2535.
  2. The Company assigns the Executives to report changes in securities holding of them, their spouse, and minor children to The Securities and Exchange Commission and Stock Exchange of Thailand. This complies with Section 59 and the announcement of The Securities and Exchange Commission No. SorChor. 12/2552 prescribed “Preparation and Disclosure of Report on Securities Holding of Director, Executive and Auditor”. Thus, the Company is able to monitor shares selling/buying of all Executives.
  3. The Executives who are informed any material inside information, which has some impact on securities’ price change, must stop their securities buying/selling for 1 month before publishing such financial statement or inside information. They must not exploit such material information to others. If any person in the Board of Directors or Executive Committee uses the inside information to cause some damages to the Company or the Shareholders, The Board of Directors will consider the penalty appropriately. If the person in other level exploited the inside information, the penalty will be considered by the Executive Committee.

Audit Fee 

In 2021 The company paid audit fees to DIA International Co.,Ltd  in the amount of 1,260,000 Bath. And the member of auditor team consist of

  1. Mrs. Suwimol Krittayakean Permit no. 2928 
  2. Mr. Wirote Satjathamnukul Permit no. 5128
  3. Mr. Joompoth Priratanakorn Permit no. 7645
  4. Mr. Nopparoek Pissanuwong Permit no. 7764
  5. Ms.  Supaporn Mangchit Permit no. 8152

Non-audit Service

In 2021 the company and affiliate company didn’t get the services form DIA International Co., Ltd.