BEAUTY launches Amino milk foam to penetrate the young market, attracting 5 young men, LAZ iCON as presenters.

On March 8, 2022, BEAUTY launched a new product “Scentio Amino Acid Milk Facial Foam” along with the presenters, 5 members of LAZ iCON, consisting of Da-U, Off-Road, Diamond, Geller and Pen-Tor, ready to penetrate the market of the new generation, prepare to invade all platforms with the overwhelming response at the meeting room of Beauty Community Public Company Limited. BEAUTY reinforces their leadership in facial cleansing products, lauches new product “Scentio Amino Acid Milk Facial Foam” responds to consumer trends of all genders and ages, especially teenage girls and new generation that even have to live in a fast-paced society but still gives importance to facial skin care comes with a slogan “Clean, soft, foamy face & brightly skin”. “Scentio Amino Acid Milk Facial Foam” has features smooth texture, contains ingredients from pure amino, wheat, concentrated milk protein, helps cleanse the face thoroughly with nourish the skin in one step. After washing your face, the skin will gradually become naturally white and bright. It also has a mild scent of milk, creating a feeling of relaxation while using.