BEAUTY strengthens its management team Move forward in the market – build strength.

BEAUTY restructures the management team Strengthen your business Move forward and make a profit Create a new brand image both domestically and abroad. Dr. Suwin Kraibhubes still holds the position of chairman of the board. “Dr. Peerapong Kitiveshpokawat” as executive committee chairman, bringing in “Pisan Taraphat” who is a skilled professional. Marketing and Sales assumes the role of new CEO, effective October 1, 2023.

Beauty Community Public Company Limited or BEAUTY, a leader in the retail business of cosmetic products. beauty products Health and skin care with the concept of Live a beautiful life revealed that the Board of Directors’ meeting on September 29, 2023 resolved to approve a new internal management structure. Effective from October 1, 2023, consisting of :

1. Dr. Suwin Kraibhubes holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors.
2. Dr. Peerapong Kitiveshpokawat holds the position of Executive Committee Chairman (ECC).
3. Mr. Pisan Taraphat holds the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Dr. Peerapong Kitiveshpokawat BEAUTY’s Executive Committee Chairman revealed that after adjusting the new business model in the past, resulting in the company’s strong infrastructure, from now on BEAUTY will begin to focus on generating sales and turning a profit by expanding more distribution channels. The new management team will focus on building trust in the products of “Beauty Buffet” and other brands. of the company to both domestic and international consumers under the concept of Live a be beautiful life, including market expansion. Continuously increase sales.

For Mr. Pisan Taraphat, the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) BEAUTY, he is an experienced person. Knowledge and ability in business administration Marketing and sales both domestically and internationally Become responsible for business management and increasing revenue for retail and wholesale channels. Including other distribution channels, Mr. Pisan Taraphat has expertise in setting sales approaches and strategies for both B2C and B2B, managing customers and distributors. In addition, Mr. Pisan Taraphat also has experience in managing product brand marketing and has the ability to create value for money. and liking for products or services Continuing towards sustainability for the organization.

From such experience and ability The company is confident that Administrative restructuring this time It will help strengthen and drive operational goals in 2024 to be in line with the plan.

Mr. Pisan Taraphat, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) BEAUTY, revealed that the company is in the process of planning a major strategic adjustment. To penetrate the market in 2024, focus on being an outstanding Beauty and Health Business leader both domestically and abroad. In the period from now BEAUTY will change in many aspects. Both in terms of new marketing strategies Expanding sales channels domestically and abroad more efficiently Developing products to meet the needs of consumers at the international level To bring a wide variety of products to sell Including expanding distribution in target countries.

“ I am ready to continue creating growth for BEAUTY, which is considered a brand of beauty and health products. which has continually been popular with both domestic and international customers Adjusting and strengthening marketing and sales strategies that will occur from now on. It will help promote the brand to be more prominent. as well as making products accessible to consumers in the country to the international level widely These upcoming changes are intended to drive the business forward steadily. and provide maximum benefit to consumers, shareholders, and all parties involved,” Mr. Pisan said.