Future Projects

In order to meet the business goal, which focuses on creation of innovative concepts along with the development of new products, including the increasing of distribution channel, the Company has been conducting the following projects during during the past 1-3 years:

(1) The development of products based on new concepts The Company has conducted the project to develop the new products based on new concepts that are related to beauty, health and lifestyles, which are the main expertise of the Company. This project is done to serve the needs of the consumers and distribute the products to different target group of customer.

(2) Increasing of product distribution channel The Company always seeks for new product distribution channel, despite the existing channel, by developing own the E-Commerce channel such as Facebook: Website: www.beautyplazaonline.com in order of facilitate those customers who are not in the range of Beauty’s Stores. Moreover we have also expanded the modern trade and convenience store channels so that the products can approach to customers more.

(3) Continuously expanding new branches The distribution through retailer shop is the main income and the most important distribution channel of the Company in the present days. Therefore, the Company always keeps on increasing the number of branches of Beauty Buffet, Beauty Cottage, and Beauty Market throughout the Country, in order to distribute more products. The Company plan to open 283 more branches for Beauty Buffet, 87 more branches for Beauty Cottage and 87 more branches for Beauty Market in the end of year 2018, with the estimate cost of 80 Million Baht.

(4) The investment aiming to improve the operation system for business expansion The investment aiming to improve the operation system for business expansion rapidly and continuously makes the company need to invest more to support branches and distribution expansion in the future. In 2018, there are investments to improve information technology system, point of sales system, enterprise resource planning system, and warehouse management system. In addition, it will be used to improve the basic structure and business intelligence for 40 million baht.
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